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Proiecte Miniere si Metalurgice - Produse Feroase & Neferoase: 7 firme si companii

  • Auh Trading Co., Ltd

    Auh Trading Co., Ltd

    AUH Trading CO., LTD service clients from Asia to Africa, we export quality products with ISO9001, CE certified. Pipe, Tube; Fittings, Flanges, Valves in Steel, Stainless, Alloy steel materials are available. You will get kinds o...

    Localitate: Wenzhou Judet: Import - Export

  • Binic Magnet

    Binic Magnet

    We produce qualified Ferrite, NdFeB magnet Ring, Sphere, Disc, Block, Rod, Countersink, POT, Separator, lifter, sweeper and customized magnets with good price. Factory is located in Ningbo, China. Website is  http://www.b...

    Localitate: Shanghai Judet: Producator

  • FS Consulting Srl

    FS Consulting Srl

    FS Consulting Srl efectueaza servicii de intermediere in vanzara proprietatilor miniere. Intermedierea contractelor de vanzare a produselor din minerit, in special Lithium, Quarz, Feldspato, minerale din grupul Columbita, Muscovit...

    Localitate: Bucuresti Judet: Bucuresti Servicii

  • Gepsystem Kft.

    Gepsystem Kft.

    The products of Gepsystem Kft. belong to transporting and processing equipments, complete systems and non-series machines. We manage our products through their total life cycle from designing to manufacturing and installation, or ...

    Localitate: Zalaegerszeg Judet: Producator

  • Metal House Co SRL

    Metal House Co SRL

    Metal House a luat fiinta in anul 1999 ca societate cu raspundere limitata, fiind o filiala a companiei internationale Sharmetal Group ce acopera prin sucursalele sale o mare parte din Orientul Mijlocius si a carei experienta domeniul...

    Localitate: Constanta Judet: Constanta Servicii

  • Solityre Industrie Srl

    Solityre Industrie Srl

    Oferim servicii si produse de calitate de cca 27 ani. Principalele domenii de activitate: -Proiectare si executie sisteme de tractiune pe roti sau senile, pentru aplicatii industriale, minerit, cariere, tratare, reciclare, etc. de...

    Localitate: Petresti Judet: Ilfov Producator

  • Virgamet Piotr Sompoliaski

    Virgamet Piotr Sompoliaski

    Virgament is a supplier of quality and special steels. In offer Company have: - Alloy and carbon tool steels for cold and hot working - Alloy construction steels for carburizing - High alloyed steels for high temperature - heat ...

    Localitate: Koo Judet: Import - Export

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