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A&R Greek Life Srl

Greek life
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Vinuri Nemea, Mantinia, Savatiano, rosu/alb Grecia

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Vinuri Nemea, Mantinia, Savatiano, rosu/alb din Grecia

Savatiano Megapanos White, Regional Wine of Spata, has a crystal clear colour, a soft refreshing taste on the palate and a fine aroma.
Amynteo Megapanos Rose, A superb rosé wine produced from a most distinct red grape variety “Xinomavro”, from the VQPRD region of Amynteo, the only Appellation region in Greece allowed to produce rosé wine. It is strongly characterised by the aromas of sun-dried tomato, green pepper and crushed olive.
E Megapanos Red, We used the Greek letter Epsilon, E, to name this wine, from the Greek word Ερυθρός (Erithros) which means Red.

It is a blend of the classic Merlot and Agiorgitiko, the most prestigious Greek red grape variety, grown on the slopes of Nemea in the Peloponnese.
The wine strikes a captivating balance between power and finesse.
The delicious core of layered black fruit - crème de cassis, blackberry and black cherry - is imbued with rich mocha and toasty toffee.
L Megapanos White, We used the Greek letter Lambda, Λ, to name this wine from the Greek word Λευκό (Lefko) which means White.

This is a blend of the classic Sauvignon blanc and Savatiano, one of the most prestigious Greek white grape varieties, grown in the valleys of Attica close to Athens.
Crisp aromas of pear and exotic ginger flower mingle with flavours of white peach and quince. Its supple texture, laced with minerality, extends into a soft, caressing finish.

Nemea Megapanos Dry Red, Deep red colour with aromas of black cherry and plum together with the discreet presence of cinnamon — aromas that have been acquired from ageing in barrels of Greek oak, which at the same time softens the tannins and produces a velvety texture. The aftertaste is very intense with a strong presence of smoky flavours.
Mantinia Megapanos White, A bright, clear colour with yellow-green highlights, with aromas of roses, lemon blossom, and apples and pears.
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Numele companiei: A&R Greek Life Srl
Persoana de contact: Rodica Panaitescu
Adresa: Attiki
Localitate: Marathonas, Grecia
Judet: -
Telefon: +30 6976583319
Telefon mobil: 6976583319

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