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Unitate purificare aer UPA-UV-1500-HEPA-CG

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Delivery within 4-5 weeks based on pre-order.

Unit specifically designed for cleaning and purification of indoor air, in any type of premises and especially in areas with high occupancy, also suitable for pharmaceutical and healthcare applications.
Filtering: These air purification units are equipped with filters capable of removing at least 70% of particles larger than 0.4m.

The standard model comes with a first G-4 filter stage and a final F-9 filter, it also incorporates as standard, an activated carbon stage, designed to remove stale odours produced during everyday use of the premises.

Type H13 or H14 HEPA filters minimum retention capacity of 99.95% for particles larger than 0.3 m.
Germicidal lamp: These purification units can be supplied with an integrated germicidal chamber using UV C lamps, in the spectrum of 256 nm wave amplitude to deactivate a wide variety of microorganisms by absorbing short wavelength energy through DNA and RNA.

UPA-UV-1500-HEPA-CG Air Purifying unit:
UPA-UV-1500 - Base UV vertical unit

Drive module:
-MS-UPA-C-1500 - Drive module with ducts: 2 ducts x Diameter 250mm
-MS-UPA-F-1500 - Drive module with in/out grids: 774x324mm / 474x324mm

-H13 HEPA filter minimum retention capacity of 99.95% for particles larger than 0.3m
-H14 HEPA filter minimum retention capacity of 99.95% for particles larger than 0.3m
CG-UV-1500 - Germicidal lamp 2 x 9.8W lamps ( Effective power of UVc radiation)

Wheels - Equipped with wheels

Maximum flow (m3/h): 1500
Maximum pressure (Pa): 300
Power supply: 200-230V 50/60 Hz 1Ph
Sound level dB(A): 47
Fan power: 86 W

L (mm): 774
AN (mm): 474
AL (mm): 1600

- Plug-fan type fans with EC technology.
- Efficient, adjustable and low noise level equipment.
- Filtration stages according to model
- First stage of G4 Filtering.
- Activated carbon filter.
- Final filter F9 efficiency 70% or - HEPA H13 final filter, 99.95% efficiency or - HEPA H14 final filter, 99.99% efficiency.
- UVc germicidal chamber.
- Control panel with on / off and dirty filters indicator.
- Two speed selector.
- Germicidal chamber operation led indicator.
- Fully removable for cleaning and maintenance.
- Insulated panels.

- E.C. motors High efficiency external rotor technology incorporates constant flow regulation, with two, pre-adjustable set points.
- Single phase 200-230V- 50 / 60Hz.
- Drive Module 1 front grille or Drive module with circular ducts.

- Frames made form aluminum section and 25mm insulated panels, pre-lacquered exterior, galvanized interior.
- Equipped with wheels.

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Numele companiei: Ventdepot Srl
Persoana de contact: Nicolae Stanescu
Adresa: Splaiul Unirii, Nr.16, Et.10
Localitate: Sector 4
Judet: Bucuresti
Telefon: 0723401401

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