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Sil Electric Srl

0258815030, 0745775910


  • Sarma sudura Sn96 5 Ag3 Cu0 5 100 g 0 5 mm

    Weller WSW soldering wire for tip protection Excellent melting properties for copper and nickel Fast homogeneous wetting even on difficult surfaces Reduced Fe leaching Soldering tip life times can be extended by up to 30 Good wet...
    130.45 lei
  • Accesorii speaker

    Bent bass-reflex vent with two flow-resistant optimized trumpet-shaped vent outlets to prevent air-flow noises and friction losses......
    92 lei
  • Statie meteo cu ceas negru Trevi EAN 8011000016375

    Ceas in format 12 ore 24 ore Alarma programabila Afisare zile calendar zilele saptamanii Afiseaza pictogramele fazei meteo lunii Termometru digital C F Indicarea grafica a temperaturii in ultimele 12 ore Higrometru digital Lumi...
    58 lei
  • Cablu audio Stereo 3 5 mm Male - 2x RCA Female 0 5 m Black

    Connect the audio output of your MP3 player or mobile phone to a speaker set or amplifier with this valueline stereo audio adapter cable with 3 5 mm-to-RCA connectors......
    8.78 lei
  • Clesti Stripping pliers

    The Pocket Installer is a perfect companion to go with a couple of Self-intall connectors for home installation The pocket installer combines a RG59 RG6 cable stripper with mechanical stop for proper stripping length and an 11 mm spa...
    65.20 lei
  • Adaptor stereo connector 6 35 mm Nickel-Plated Black

    The Sweex on-stage series packs a wide range of superior-quality connectors and cables It provides a complete wiring solution covering both short and long distances This leaves you to produce the ultimate studio recordings or delive...
    13.46 lei
  • Tastatura PC Multimedia USB 2 0 EAN 5412810189212

    Aceasta tastatura multimedia are taste clare si receptive Este o tastatura standard de 3 blocuri si chei multimedia pentru a va permite sa accesati rapid aplicatiile preferate Pur si simplu conectati-l intr-un port USB la calculator...
    42.71 lei
  • Telefon detector inel cu iesirea releului

    10 000 mcd condus Se conecteaza la PSTN linie RJ11 conector de alimentare adaptor 12VDC 100mA Ex PS 1203 Iesire de contact NO 1A max Dimensiuni 80x55x35mm 3 15 x 2 16 x 1 37......
    110 lei
  • Tensiune joasa led dimmer

    Sursa de alimentare 12-24VDC Iesire 5A max. Dimensiuni 100 x 40 x 35 mm 3 93 x 1 57 x 1 37.......
    110 lei
  • Trepied compact Traveler Rollei rosu

    Trepiedul Rollei este ideal pentru calatorii drumetii sau evenimente importante datorita formei ergonomice si greutatii reduse Cu acest trepied veti fi mereu pregatit pentru orice ocazie fotografica Trepiedul este perfect pentru rea...
    565 lei
  • Tub termocontractibil 12- 4 EAN 5412810205820

    Tub termocontractibil profesional Dupa incalzire dimensiunea se reduce la jumatate din cea initiala 12mm la 4mm Se livreaza in lungimi de 0 5m......
    15.50 lei
  • Saci aspirator Siemens Type G

    4 x Siemens dust bag type G 1 x micro filter 100 fit for BoschNewest fleece technology for a longer service life Up to 60 more suction power when the dustbag fills up in comparison to conventional dustbags Multilayer for highest fi...
    48.56 lei
  • Varf de dezlipit 1 5mm Denon

    Varf pentru pistol de dezlipit 1 5mm Denon Dimensiuni Rd 1 5mm RD1 2 0 mm RD2 7 0 mm L 12 5 mm......
    248 lei
  • Variator pentru cablu negru HQ EAN 8009991372006

    Brand HQ Variator cu montaj pe cablu Culoare negru Tensiune de intrare 230 V AC Frecventa 50 Hz Tensiune de iesire 20 - 230 V AC Curent max 2 - 7 A Sarcina maxima 60 - 160 W Montaj pe fir Dimensiuni LxlxH 80 x 30 x 27 mm.......
    107 lei
  • Antena de satelit Satellite Dish 110 cm 40 2 dB Grey

    Triax dish with steel mounting bracket The dish is very easy to set up due to a very precise scale The feedarm is pre-assembled and the LNB simple to install Pre-assembled feedarm LNB holder with click-on mounting Simple and fa...
    629.96 lei
  • Splitter Satellite Splitter - 3 Outputs

    Braun teleCom CAI components have been specially designed for Ziggo to make the indoor coaxial network future-proof In the future the frequency range will be extended to 2 Ghz this for example to be able to offer even faster internet...
    85.46 lei
  • Splitter Satellite F-Connector 14 dB 5-2400 MHz - 6 Outputs

    This satellite splitter is becoming increasingly popular among consumers and professionals Easy-F is patented and are developed to both simplify and facilitate the installation With Easy-F the assembly is faster and you also save the ...
    94.46 lei
  • Splitter Satellite F-Connector 6 2 dB 5-2400 MHz - 2 Outputs

    2-way splitter for SAT IF distribution For the symmetrical distribution of satellite signals -6 2 dB attenuation Equipped with F-connector Supports DC feed for LNC on all ports Highly durable diecast housing Frequency range 5-2400...
    60.71 lei
  • Splitter Satellite F-Connector 11 dB 0-2400 MHz - 4 Outputs

    4-way splitter for SAT IF distribution For the symmetrical distribution of satellite signals -11 dB attenuation Equipped with F-connector Supports DC feed for LNC on all ports Highly durable diecast housing Frequency range 0-2400 MHz....
    103.46 lei
  • Splitter Satellite F-Connector 3 dB 5-2400 MHz - 2 Outputs

    SAT IF 2-way tap 15 dB with loop trough 4 dB Supports remote feed 1A 12V DC via loop through port Supports return channel traffic High durable die cast housing Also available with other tap loss and or more and less tap ports......
    51.71 lei
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Persoana de contact: Serb Sebastian
Adresa: B-dul Republicii, Nr. 44
Localitate: Alba Iulia
Judet: Alba
Telefon: 0258815030
Telefon mobil: 0745775910
Fax: 0258815030

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