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Sil Electric Srl

0258815030, 0745775910


  • Suport carti pentru citit

    The bookstand can be used both vertically and horizontally due to the flexible swiveling mechanism. Two adjustable clamps enable you to put a single sheet as well as a thick book on the stand. The stand can be folded for storage...
    134.96 lei
  • Lampa pentru citit

    Extra long power cord 2 5m Desktop model Closed boom Lens 4 inch 10cm glass Magnification dioptric 5 2 25x Illumination T4 fluorescent tube Height 33cm Power 220-240V 12W......
    175.45 lei
  • Lampa flexibila pentru citit

    With clamp to mounton any table desk Flexible arm for easy positioning Lens 4 inch 10 cm glass Magnification dioptric 3 Illumination 30x SMD-LED......
    166.45 lei
  • Kit pentru citit cu lupa

    A round shaped magnifier for reading small prints. With the cord the magnifier can be carried around the neck easily. This way you always have the magnifier at hand......
    49.46 lei
  • Lupa pentru citit

    A rectangular shaped magnifier that can among other things be used to read small type. The handle makes the magnifier easy to hold. Because the magnifier is so compact it is easy to take along in a handbag.......
    80.95 lei
  • Rigla de masurat cu lupa

    The ruler is rounded off in such a way that it can be used as a magnifier. The ruler is 20 cm long and has a handle on the right side the end of the ruler. The ruler measures both centimeters and inches......
    58.46 lei
  • Lupa pentru citit cu lumina

    The magnifier hangs on a cord around your neck which means it does not need to be held. It is ideal for reading or handiwork. The magnifier has a light to improve visibility Excluding battery......
    134.96 lei
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Numele companiei: Sil Electric Srl
Persoana de contact: Serb Sebastian
Adresa: B-dul Republicii, Nr. 44
Localitate: Alba Iulia
Judet: Alba
Telefon: 0258815030
Telefon mobil: 0745775910
Fax: 0258815030

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