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Sil Electric Srl

0258815030, 0745775910


  • Ceas de masa analog Quartz White Black

    This quartz alarm clock has a plastic white housing and a black dial features lighting and a snooze alarm.......
    65.20 lei
  • Ceas de birou cu alarma digital White Orange

    Automatic time setting Automatic DST setting Day date and week display Analog clock display Temperature display Illuminated display......
    157 lei
  • Ceas cu alarma digital Black

    The LED alarm clock is radio-controlled and checks the right time setting on a daily basis. In addition it automatically switches from summer to winter time. With adjustable alarm signal volume.......
    121.45 lei
  • Ceas cu alarma cu ecran LCD Silver Black

    This radio-controlled projection alarm clock with LCD screen and white projection figures the time accurately on the ceiling. The clock displays next to the correct time also the temperature days of the week in eight languages and ...
    211.45 lei
  • Ceas de perete 38 cm Analogue Silver White

    This double-sided 38 cm diameter aluminium wall clock is radio-controlled and therefore always displays the right time.......
    633.50 lei
  • Ceas de perete digital Black

    The solar LCD-clock works on solar power which makes battery changing redundant. In addition to the time it also displays room temperature and relative humidity. Thanks to the integrated transmitter it automatically adjusts to s...
    196 lei
  • Ceas de perete Digital White

    This DCF controlled clock has a simple stylish design and will fit well in every room. The clock shows the date and the week number and also the humidity.......
    367 lei
  • Ceas de perete digital Silver

    This DCF controlled clock not only shows the date but also measures the indoor temperature and the humidity. The stylish design makes sure that this clock fits well in every room. Equipped with an alarm function.......
    397 lei
  • Ceas de perete cu ecran LCD Black

    LCD radio controlled wall clock with date time and temperature. With the supplied sensor the outside temperature can be measured.......
    517.45 lei
  • Ceas de perete analog 31 cm white

    Wall clock with quartz movement and a mechanical kitchen timer. The clock is 31 cm high and has a glass cover.......
    80.95 lei
  • Ceas de perete 60 cm black

    Do-It-Yourself wall clock various layouts possible. Aluminium with figures and dots made of foam. Works with 1 x AA battery Not included. The minimum diameter is 60 cm.......
    65.20 lei
  • Ceas de perete Digital Black

    This aluminum radiocontrolled wall clock displays the time in blue LED lights on a black background. The clock comes with an adapter and a back-up battery.......
    399.50 lei
  • Ceas de perete with outside un EAN 5412810216550

    Material aluminiu plastic Culoare alb argintiu Afisaj prognoza meteo Numar baterii 1 x AA 2 x AA 2 x AAA......
    151.50 lei
  • Ceas analogic Radio-controlled wall clock 30 cm

    Material aluminiu sticla Culoare argintiu alb Afisaj analogic Tip ceas de perete Adancime externa 45 mm Inaltime externa 300 mm Latimea exterioara 300 mm Numar de baterii 1 x AA......
    109 lei
  • Ceas cu proiectie

    Silver LED analogue projection clock made from ynthetic material Projection of the analogue time Size case diameter 14cm Weight 395 gr Incl adapter Excl battery 1xAA Manual ENG NL and F......
    310.50 lei
  • Controler solar radio CL

    Automatic time adjustment Automatic adjustment summer- wintertime Snooze Day date Insite temperatue......
    151 lei
  • Timer digital Gery negru

    Digital timer LCD Synthetic material Front black backside silver Adjustable till 99 min and 59 sec Magnet backside Incl. battery 1 x LR1130......
    46.50 lei
  • Ceas cu radio si functie MP3 Balance

    Ceas cu Radio si functie MP3. Redarea melodiilor se realizeaza prin Card SD sau Stick USB si Casti. Indica temperatura din interior. Este prevazut cu lumina de fundal alarma. Se poate seta ziua si data. Posibilitate de cautare aut...
    179 lei
  • Ceas desteptator cu functie de alergare BasicXL

    Are you having trouble getting up in the morning? This alarm clock is the perfect solution! When the alarm rings, it starts moving around. As soon as the alarm rings, it rides off your night stand so you will have to get up to sto...
    79 lei
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Numele companiei: Sil Electric Srl
Persoana de contact: Serb Sebastian
Adresa: B-dul Republicii, Nr. 44
Localitate: Alba Iulia
Judet: Alba
Telefon: 0258815030
Telefon mobil: 0745775910
Fax: 0258815030

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