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Sil Electric Srl

0258815030, 0745775910


  • Set curatat ecrane Touch EAN 5948636019681

    Set curatat ecrane Touch EAN 5948636019681 Continutul unui pachet 20ml solutie de curatat 1 bucata laveta pentru curatat Nu contine amoniac formula anti statica potrivit pentru iPod, iPhone, iPad, Laptop.......
    1.70 lei
  • Set curatat ecrane TV LCD plasma HQ EAN 5412810149469

    Set curatat ecrane Compatibil cu TV LCD si plasma Kitul contine 30 ml de lichid de curatare burete Kitul nu contine perie sau carpa de curatat.......
    9 lei
  • Servetele umede pentru curatare ecrane 50 buc set Konig

    Simply clean smartphone tablet camera or PC screens with the pre-moistened wipes to enjoy a clear and smudge-free image The wipes have an anti-static effect which keeps screens clean for a longer period The formula is mild containi...
    35 lei
  • Laveta curatare ecran 200 ml

    Enjoy a spotless screen which can be safely cleaned by this reusable cloths Use this safe and effective cleaning fluid with the special microfibre cloth to remove dust dirt and fingerprints from your flat TV and computer screens It&...
  • Lichid de curatare ecrane 100 ml

    Pump spray applicator and microfiber cloth to easily remove dust lint oil and smudges from TV screen and monitor.......
    10.90 lei
  • Spray pentru curatare ecran 150 ml rosu Sweex

    The Sweex Cleaner Spray is specially developed for safe and absolutely streak-free cleaning of LCD- LED Plasma TV screens tablet- and smartphone screens Microfiber cloth is included......
    30 lei
  • Kit de curatare High Performance 100 ml

    Alcohol-free antistatic cleanser 100 ml and a micro fiber cloth 15x15 cm with which the display returns to its original luster......
    46 lei
  • Kit de curatare ecrane HDTV High performance

    Keep your HDTV screen and peripherals free from dust and dirt in a safe and environment-friendly way Complete high performance cleaning kit including 200 ml specially formulated fluid a microfibre wiper an anti-static brush and an ai...
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Numele companiei: Sil Electric Srl
Persoana de contact: Serb Sebastian
Adresa: B-dul Republicii, Nr. 44
Localitate: Alba Iulia
Judet: Alba
Telefon: 0258815030
Telefon mobil: 0745775910
Fax: 0258815030

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