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Irali International Inc.

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Membrana colagen Hyprosorb 20x30

20x30 mm
20x30 mm
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Membrana colagen Hyprosorb 20x30

Absorbable Collagen Membrane
for guided tissue and bone regenerations

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HYPRO-SORB F is an absorbable atelo-collagen membrane made of highly purified non-retiary biopolymer, collagen (99,9%) released of telopeptides. It is fully apyrogeneous and does not support growth of microorganisms. HYPRO-SORB F has perfect tissue tolerance and enhances the process of wound healing.

Advantages of atelo-collagen membranes HYPRO-SORB F:

1.Atelo-collagen does not contain antigenic telopeptides and is therefore fully tolerable by live tissues without causing any immunology reaction.

2.Atelo-collagen contains less than 0,1% of trypsin-degradable proteins. That is the reason why it does not support growth of microorganisms and is applicable to infected wounds. It even has a moderate bacteriostatic effect as it inhibits current proteinases.

3.Atelo-collagen membranes preserve their compactness and effectiveness for the period of 4 weeks. During the fourth week after implantation they are rapidly absorbed. Other collagen materials known up to date are subject to gradual absorption from the moment of their implantation as a result of a moderate phlogistic reaction, which decreases rapidly mechanical effectiveness of the membrane although the total period of absorption is comparable with the one of atelo-collagen membranes.

4.When moisturized HYPRO-SORB F does not tear nor adheres to surgical instruments.

HYPRO-SORB F is supplied sterile. It is impossible to re-sterilize remaining material after the package opening.

HYPRO-SORB F is approved by the National Institute for Drug Control and registered by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

Labeling single layer / bilayer Size
HY 1520 / HY 1520/2 15 x 20 mm
HY 2030 / HY 2030/2 20 x 30 mm
HY 3040 / HY 3040/2 30 x 40 mm

Single-layer membranes are very thin (0.05 mm) and are intended rather for indications when consistent fixation of the membrane is not needed or when it is not necessary to fix the membrane at all.

The single-layer type of the membrane is characteristic of excellent absorption without any inflammatory complications or dehiscence. When hydrated, it is very flexible, easy to adapt and is possible to model into the desired form without major complications.

Double-layer membranes are thicker (0.2 mm) and differ in the design of their sides. The rough side is always orientated towards the bone defect while its structure allows osteoblasts to grow into the membrane’s surface.

The smooth (dense) side is orientated towards the periosteum and prevents fibroblasts to grow into the bone defect. The double-layer type of the membrane is firmer and enables to fix the membrane more tightly.

The 15*20 mm size of the membrane is sufficient to be used for most of the defects, the sizes 20*30 mm and 30*40 mm are intended for larger defects or to dress several defects of one patient.

HYPRO-SORB F membranes are delivered in double sterile pack.

Unused material cannot be re-sterilised in any event.

Other HYPRO-SORB F collagen products:

Collagen felts of 10*10*10 mm, 10*15*30 mm or individual forms.

Collagen lyophilisate is delivered in a sterile pack and in this form the atelo-collagen builds a rich internal framework which chemotactically binds other proteins on itself, e.g. growth factors such as TGF-ß, IGFs, BMPs, osteo-nectin and others, thus ensuring regeneration and production of new bone. Absorption time is 4 and more weeks, depending on the quantity of the material used.

Indication in gnathic surgery and implantology for reconstruction of bone defects:
Segmental reconstruction of alveolar crest
Elevation of sinus’s fundus
Fillings of alveoli following extractions in pre-prostethic surgery
Reconstruction of oro-antral communications

pure atelo-collagen products.
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