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Inter Credit Premium

In a successful negotiations

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The company “ In a successful negotiations, everybody wins “

Your goods on time. Every time :
This is not easy and when negotiating under time pressure and across organizational and national cultures, this task becomes even more challenging .

In addition, negotiating complex issues often requires that people negotiate in teams. This team-based approach brings additional benefits but also involves risks which need to be carefully managed.

The objective of this company is to enable business professionals to plan and negotiate more effectively to create sustainable export success.

Successful negotiation involves understanding the needs and interests of your partner and developing solutions which meet those needs without compromising on issues that are of critical importance to you and your business.

• We provide the best contracts for import & export
• We build co-operative business relationships with internal/ external partners
• We use systematic negotiation process to create successful outcomes
• We use and react to common negotiation tactics
• We adapt our negotiation style to different national cultures for export sales
• We implement a personal /business development plan for export success
• Negotiating for export –import success involves negotiating across national cultures
• Just one step send your request by mail and we take care of your order .
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Numele companiei: Inter Credit Premium
Persoana de contact: Dragomir Maria
Adresa: Str. Alexandru Lapusneanu Nr. 45
Localitate: Valu Lui Traian
Judet: Constanta
Telefon: 0766012299