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07624159491, 0760982222

Calculator stiintific HP, WP 34S, RPN Scientific

07624159491, 0760982222
225 lei

Detalii produs

Vand Calculator stiintific profesional de la renumitul HP, WP 34S, RPN Scientific, de culoare negra, impreuna cu manualul de utilizare si husa de protectie.

Este cel mai profesional calculator aflat la ora actuala pe piata, contine peste 600 de functii, poate face conversii intre unitatiile de masura, are catalogul de functii si de asemenea poate calcula numere foarte complexe.

Caracteristici fizice: dimensiuni 149 mm, 77 mm, 16 mm, greutate totala cu baterie 113 g, taste din plastic dur traditional HP "click".

Functionalitate: Euler's Beta and Riemann's Zeta functions, Bernoulli and Fibonacci numbers, Lambert's W, the error function as well as Chebyshev's, Hermite's, Laguerre's and Legendre's orthogonal polynomials, and testing for primality, many statistical distributions and their inverses like Poisson, Binomial, Geometric as well as Cauchy- Lorentz, Exponential, Logistic, Weibull for reliability analysis, Lognormal and Gaussian with arbitrary means and standard deviations, programmable sums and products, first and second derivatives, extended date and time calculations based on a real time clock, integer computing in arbitrary bases from binary to hexadecimal, financial operations like mean rate of return and margin calculations, 84 conversions, mainly between universal SI and old Imperial units, 50 fundamental physical constants as precise as known today by national standards institutes like NIST or PTB, plus some more out of mathematics, astronomy, and surveying, complete Greek and extended Latin letter fonts covering many languages on this planet (upper and lower case in two font sizes each).

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