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Nevada Distribution Srl

Preturi minime elf, texaco
0244 / 513 999, 0726 990 588

Ulei Texaco Ursa Premium TD 15W40 - 20L

20 Litri
20 Litri
Out of stock
0244 / 513 999
265 lei

Detalii produs

Ursa Premium TD is a proven performance, stable, stay-in-grade diesel engine oil. It is a mineral based (15W-40and20W-50) and part synthetic (10W40) formulation in combination with an additive system designed to offer long drain performance, good soot and deposit protection, along with dependable wear resistance under severeoperating conditions.

Ursa Premium TD is designed for use in Euro I, II, III, IVand V diesel engines and is suitable for use in many engines with exhaust gas recycling (EGR) systems and a range of engines fitted with selective catalytic reduction(SCR) systems along with vehicles without dieselparticulate filters (DPFs).

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Numele companiei: Nevada Distribution Srl
Persoana de contact: Hagiescu Sorin
Adresa: Str. Carpenului, Nr. 81A
Localitate: Ploiesti
Judet: Prahova
Telefon: 0244 / 513 999
Telefon mobil: 0726 990 588
Fax: 0244 / 513 999

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