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Servicii topografie - Engineering topography

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For the development of an engineering project for construction or construction rehabilitation a great importance and attention must be given to the projected cotes and to the verification of the interest elements.

-Precision land surveys
-Situation detailed plans
-High precision contouring
-Slope vertically tracing
-Labeling the site topographical network
-The assignment of the axes and of the landmark contouring
-Protract the important elements
-Follow up the time schedule of the buildings construction
-Measurements for the calculation of the excavation capacities

Using specialized software and equipment, the responsible persons can offer the required support in accomplishing the proposed objectives of the project.
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Numele companiei: Brantax Srl
Persoana de contact: Tanasie Alexandru
Adresa: Calea Rahovei, Nr. 266-269, Et. 6, Birou 43-1
Localitate: Bucuresti
Judet: Bucuresti
Telefon: 0214560017
Telefon mobil: 0747406179
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