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Alexandrion Group

+40 244 279424, 0730.277.973

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Founded 10 years ago, Alexandrion Group has become one of the most powerful groups in Romania due to a long-term strong investment plan. Currently the group activates on three different markets (alcohol production and distribution, construction materials production and paper materials production) and the companies that the group consists of are the following:
Robstone, - a compound stone production company located in Constanta. Using the BRETONSTONE technology, one the most renowned around the world, it is the only plant of its type in Romania.

Cahiro the paper and cardboard factory is one of the biggest paper factories in Romania.

Alexandrion - the star of the group has very modern production facilities located in Bucov Industrial Area, few kilometers away from Ploiesti. The operational headquarter is located in Bucharest, where the marketing and sales departments have their offices.
Also under the groups umbrella, Alexandrion Humanitarian Foundation makes sure that a part of the profit is generously spent for helping people in need.
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productie si distributie de bauturi alcoolice
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Numele companiei: Alexandrion Group
Persoana de contact: Rausse Cristiana
Adresa: Sat Pleasa , Com. Bucov
Localitate: Ploiesti
Judet: Prahova
Telefon: +40 244 279424
Telefon mobil: 0730.277.973
Fax: +40 244 279554