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Virgamet Piotr Sompoliaski

+48632735820, +48793726124

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Virgament is a supplier of quality and special steels.

In offer Company have:
- Alloy and carbon tool steels for cold and hot working
- Alloy construction steels for carburizing
- High alloyed steels for high temperature - heat resistant steels
- Alloy construction steels for nitriding
- Alloy steels for machines
- Ferritic, martensitic, and austenitic steels
- Wear resistant steel - Hadfield manganium steel
- Alloy steels for bearings
- Valve steels
- Alloy and carbon spring steels
- High speed steels
- chain alloy steels for maining
- Alloy construction steels for quenching and tempering
- Boiler steels for work in high temperature
- Stainless steels and inox steels
- Duplex and superduplex steels

In this group of steel, Company offer materials:
- Peeled, polished, grounded, and colddrawn bars
- Capillary tubes in stainless/inox steels and special alloys
- Round, square, and flat forged bars
- Seamless colddrawn tubes
- Hollow bars in boiler/inox/heat resistance steels
- Round, flat, square, hexagonal bars hot and coldrolled
- Forged and forged-rolled rings
- Special profiles in stainless steels
- Seamless hotrolled and coldrolled tubes and pipes
- Forged bars in special sizes
- Coldrolled and hotrolled plates / sheets
- Cutted parts from sheets
- Open-die forgings and Closed-die forging
- Coldrolled strips
- Coldrolled sheets in coils
- Closed profiles in stainless and inox steels

Specialization of Company is:
- Construction steel bars for quenching and tempering, nitriding, hadfield bars, bars for carburizing and work in high temperature, stainless steel bars,
- Coldrolled spring strips, stainless and inox strips, strips for quenching and tempering and tool steel strips
- Bearing Tubes and pipes, Stainless steel Tubes, Tubes for quenching and tempering and carburizing, heat resistance tubes and pipes
- Slabs and billets
- Capillary tubes in stainless and inox steels
- stainless steel Sieve and mesh in alloyed steel and hadfield steels
- plates and sheets for quenching and tempering, Hadfield plates and sheets, heat-resistance steel, Boiler steels, carburizing and stainless sheets and plates
- Forgings for quenching and tempering, in tool steels and spring steels, for carburizing and nitriding, forgings in stainless steels, duplex steels
- Special profiles in stainless and inox steel.
Produse si servicii:
materiale pentru industrii speciale, oteluri aliate, oteluri carbon
Tipul companiei:
Import - Export
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mai putin de 5
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Numele companiei: Virgamet Piotr Sompoliaski
Persoana de contact: Sompoliski Piotr
Adresa: Zegarowa 12A
Localitate: Koo
Judet: -
Telefon: +48632735820
Telefon mobil: +48793726124
Fax: +48632735820