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Tehnocom Liv Rezistente Electrice, Etansari Mecanice

Tehnologie competitiva
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Cartuse incalzitoare 10 x 100 mm

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Import Franta
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Detalii produs

Avem stoc permanent la diametru de 10 mm, lungime de 100 mm si 230 volti cu urmatoarele puteri:
- 200 W
- 250 W
- 400 W
- 500 W
- 700 W
Produsul este import Franta.

Cartridge heaters, also called heating rods come in cylindrical form elements, in different diameters and in variable
The heat transfer process varies according to the required application, such as heating :
- a metal mass,
- a liquid,
- a gas.

Technical description:
Among the most typical applications we can mention : plastic moulding, packing and thermoforming heating
equipement ; tooling tray heating, injection moulding system , tooling block heating, melting channel heating,
brake system heating, press platens heating ....
With a power varing from a few watts to sever
al kilowatts the cartridge heaters dissipate rather high heat densities.
In some applications , they can reach 60 W/cm for a maximum surface temperature of 800 C.

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