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Sil Electric Srl

0258815030, 0745775910

Lumini Gradina

  • Lumini gradina LED solar on pin

    With this 0 06-watt LED solar garden light which is made of brushed stainless steel you will add a nice atmosphere to a garden within no-time The ground pin allows you choose the perfect location An atmospheric garden is easy to c...
    24.50 lei
  • Lumina de gradina cu LED on pin 3-pack

    A sleek design makes this 18x 0 06-watt LED garden lamp suitable for any existing exterior elements It is supplied as a three-pack which enables you to light your garden three times This practical LED light with brushed stainless ...
    305.50 lei
  • Lampa gradina Garden post aluminium

    This 60-watt garden post in black is a real asset in the field of lighting to complete any garden It's design has a classic touch that fits in very well in both traditional exteriors and contemporary furnished gardens The garde...
  • Lampa gradina cu detector de miscare

    This 20-watt brushed stainless steel garden post is a beautiful lighting product that enriches any garden The attractive design adds a finishing touch to any exterior Besides this the garden lamppost has a convenient movement dete...
    133 lei
  • Lampa de gradina E27 IP44

    Lampa de gradina ideala pentru iluminarea potecilor Dimensiuni 450x130x 75 mm Voltaj 230V 50Hz Rezistenta IP44 Soclu E27......
    90 lei
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Numele companiei: Sil Electric Srl
Persoana de contact: Serb Sebastian
Adresa: B-dul Republicii, Nr. 44
Localitate: Alba Iulia
Judet: Alba
Telefon: 0258815030
Telefon mobil: 0745775910
Fax: 0258815030

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