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Sil Electric Srl

0258815030, 0745775910


  • Sistem automatizare casa Smart Care Set Wi-Fi 433 Mhz

    Home8 AlarmShield is a complete package of door window sensors and video cameras to give you the peace of mind that comes with mobile alerts anytime anywhere Home8 AlarmShield is the first Plug-Activate-N-Play system-in-a-box you can...
    1349.96 lei
  • Sistem automatizare casa Smart Care Set Wi-Fi 433 Mhz

    Home8 EnergyShield is a complete package of an automation switch and a video camera to give you the convenience that comes with a smarthome anytime anywhere Home8 EnergyShield is the first Plug-Activate-N-Play home automation system-...
    1439.95 lei
  • Kit starter accesorii curatenie Personal Media Connect

    Complete Connect Clean starter kit with high-quality accessories to maximise your Personal Media experience Connect your personal media device to a HDTV with a High Speed HDMI with Ethernet cable and a Mini DisplayPort HDMI adapter ...
    58.50 lei
  • Antena camping with 35 cm dish

    The camping set contains a 35 cm steel offset dish in a suitcase with all accessories for mounting suction pad wall mount table mount mast mount compass and 10 m coaxial cable with F-connectors LNB included.......
    270 lei
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Numele companiei: Sil Electric Srl
Persoana de contact: Serb Sebastian
Adresa: B-dul Republicii, Nr. 44
Localitate: Alba Iulia
Judet: Alba
Telefon: 0258815030
Telefon mobil: 0745775910
Fax: 0258815030

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