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Canex Group Limited

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our products included some resin and rubber, and their some special component, we focus on some new materials or special chemicals in order to provide some solution for improving some products.

Intermediate as raw materials for agrochemical and Pharmaceutical field, as monomer for synthetize epoxy resin in coating industry and polyelectrolyte in water treatment and oil field.

now, I list most intermediate products:

Methallyl Chloride (MAC)                                                         563-47-3
Methyl Epichlorohydrin (MECH)                                        598-09-4
Sodium Methalllyl Sulfonate (SMAS)                        1561-92-8
Methallyl Alcohol (MAOH)                                                                513-42-8
Methallyl Acetate                                                                                                820-71-3
Sodium ethylenesulphonate (SVS)                                 3039-83-6
Sodium allyl sulfonate (SAS)                                                        2495-39-8
Sodium p-styrenesulfonate (SSS)                                        2695-37-6
Poly(sodium-p-styrenesulfonate) (PSSS)                25704-18-1
1,3-Propanesultone (1.3PS)                                                         1120-71-4        

Chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSM)
chlorinated polyethylene (CPE)
chloroprene rubber(CR)
silicon rubber        (HTV)
titanium dioxide
precipitated silica
ADC Blowing agent

you are interested in our product, please tell me the pop type from some famous company, then I will send you our responding type product information.

Canex group limited
Tel.: 86 22 88160304        
Fax:86 22 8816 1305
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suppliers of chemical products our products included some resin and rubber, and their some special component, new materials or special chemicals in order
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America de Nord
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Trimite mesaj
Numele companiei: Canex Group Limited
Persoana de contact: Xue Linda
Adresa: Tianjin Road
Localitate: Tianjin
Judet: Vaslui
Telefon: 86-15950587146