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Irali International Inc.

Best fit for implantology


  • Decolator Papila doua capete 3,2 mm / 2,2 mm angulat

    In stoc, livrare imediata! Decolator Papila doua capete angulate: doar 2,2 mm si 3,2 mm. Otel Inox Germania Pretul are tva inclus Promotie valabila luna MAI......
    99 lei
  • Bont protetic angulat

    Bont protetic angulat Alphabio, MIS, Zimmer, Biotec Internal Hex Promotie 10+1 cadou TVA inclus Pe stoc, livrare imediata in 2 ore pt Bucuresti! A 2-a zi prin Fancourier in tara.......
    168 lei
  • Aspirator chirurgical Vacuson Nouvag

    Aspirator chirurgical disponibil din stoc. Livrare imediata, pret importator TVA inclus! Vacuson 40 U is a universal, portable suction system specially designed for the suction of fluids and secretions This system stands out fo...
    8999 lei
  • Os bovin colagenizat Hypro-oss

    Granulatii disponibile: 0,5-1 mm Fara telopetide de colagen; peptide non-imunogenice Accelereaza procesul de vindecare a tesutului datorita efectului bateriostatic al atelocolagenului Cea mai inalta biocompatbilitate, fara reactii ...
    720 lei
  • Substitut osos bovin colagenizat 30% Hypro-Oss

    Hypro Oss este os bovin cu colagen. Hypro-oss cu granule mari furnizeaza un spatiu mai mare intre particule comparativ cu Hypro-oss granule small. In defectele mari aceasta permite o regenerare imbunatatita la distanta mai mare si ...
    330 lei
  • Instrument medical Needle Holder

    Needle Holder in different lengths and versions with and without TC straight and curved as needle holder-scissors combination as micro needle holders CASTROVIEJO in lengths of 14, 16, 18 cm with thin and thick working beaks wi...
  • Bisturiu circular Rotary tissue punch

    Rotary tissue punches with center guide pin are used to drill through the gingiva and periosteum membrane. The center guide pin punches the point on the bone for the further use of the countersink drill. The tissue punches are produce...
    195 lei
  • Lingura deschisa pentru amprentare medicala

    Wintray impression tray for the open tray impression technique in oral implantology, according to Dr. Guillaume and Dr. Mazeirat with 9 removable segments extremely rigid for high precision impressions constructed from Stainless ...
    90 €
  • Bisturiu circular, freza trepan

    Trephine burs, circular knives and tissue punches for handpieces or contra-angles and in different sizes Circular knives, by hand, with centering pin Link site:
  • Instrumentar implantologie titan

    Instruments made from Titanium Ti6Al4V Titanium scalers and curettes for implants, with lightweight MAXI handles, the working tips are blue anodized 7103 LANGER 1/2 7104 LANGER 3/4 7105 LANGER 5/6 7310 COLUMBIA 2RL 7311 ...
  • Instrument lifting sinus Sinus lift instruments

    Sinus lift instruments in various shapes and angles, rigid or flexible, for multipurpose use in direct or indirect sinus elevation. Link site:
    45 €
  • Instrument rezectie Apicoectomy retractors

    An apicoectomy (also called root amputation) is an elimination of the root tip of the tooth. This is necessary when bacteria from the root canal get to the surrounded bone tissue and have caused there a painful infection. The aditus t...
  • Compas de masurat grosime os

    Calipers, depth measuring devices, ridge mapping calipers for width and depth mapping Caliper CASTROVIEJO, 9 cm, straight 6620 Caliper CASTROVIEJO, 9 cm, curved 6621 Caliper CASTROVIEJO, 18 cm, straight 6622 Caliper CASTROVIEJO, 18 ...
    170 €
  • Dalta implantologie

    Chisel for multipurpose use in implant dentistry and oral surgery, micro chisels from 2 mm width up to sizes of 16 mm one or two cutting edges straight or curved with depth markings vestibular and palatal surfaces concave for ...
    60 €
  • Compactor pentru os autolog/ heterolog

    Compactor for bone material for mixing and placement of autologous/heterologous bone augmentation material available in different sizes and diameters made from Stainless Steel or Titanium with depth marking with safety stop wi...
    45 €
  • Aplicator os Bone carrier for artificial bone material

    Link site: 7372 New: Bone carrier for artificial bone material, according to Dr. Poulmaire easy application: tube is filled from above – close tube cover ...
    270 lei
  • Razuitor os Bone scraper, cutting width 6.5 mm

    Bone scraper with Trinovo handle for winning autologous bone material, cutting width 6.5 mm, replacement blades available separately. Link site:
    120 €
  • Pensa implantologie Bone holding pliers with drill hole

    Bone holding pliers, bone expansion disimpaction forceps toothed or serrated with drilling hole for placing fixation screws for bone blocks different lengths and angles. Link site:
    120 €
  • Kit chirurgical Osteotom Micro Osteotome

    According to Dr. José Francisco Ballester Ferrandis, Spain The micro osteotomes JFB are particularly indicated for preparing maxillary implant sites in cases with narrow alveolar ridges and/or for condensation of class III and IV ...
  • Pensa implantologie Pliers for oral implantology

    Pliers for oral implantology self-tensioning pliers for implants, screws, abutments, etc., with diameters of 1.3mm, 1.9 mm, 3.0 mm made from Stainless Steel or Titanium Tensioning tweezers with locking according to Dr. Madler (US...
    66 €
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Numele companiei: Irali International Inc.
Persoana de contact: Stefanik Calin
Adresa: Str. Concordiei, Nr. 4, Corp B, Ap.,1 Bucuresti; Str. Avram Iancu, Nr. 48, Brasov
Localitate: Bucuresti / Brasov
Judet: Bucuresti
Telefon: 0722497009
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