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Irali International Inc.

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Instrument rezectie Apicoectomy retractors

Instrument pentru rezectie apicala
Instrument pentru rezectie apicala
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An apicoectomy (also called root amputation) is an elimination of the root tip of the tooth. This is necessary when bacteria from the root canal get to the surrounded bone tissue and have caused there a painful infection. The aditus to the root tip will be made external through jaw-bone.

The gingival above will be opened and the bone above the root tip will be removed with a bur. Afterwards, the root tip will be shortened and if necessary a filling will be made. The apicoectomy retractors assist to hold the lob of the gingival whereas the toothed blade safely hold on the bone.

No. 7530 - 40x10 mm, 45 grd angled
No. 7531 - 40x10 mm, 90 grd angled

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