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Membrana colagen Hyprosorb F

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Bilayer bioabsorbable barrier for guided tissue and bone regeneration
Hypro-Sorb F is a bovine atelocollagen type I, non-cross linked that has been especially purified and modificated (99.9% collagen type I free of telopeptides). After this process, the material is apyrogenic, sterile and fully resorbable by live tissue when implanted.

Description: Hypro-Sorb F is a very effective haemostatic. In addition to its excellent properties, Hypro-Sorb F is well tolerated in the tissue. It is non-immunogenic, absorbable and supports the healing processes; Hypro-Sorb F is completely bioresorbed within 6 months.

Activity: Hypro-Sorb F has a specific activity to thrombocytes and releases clotting factors, which together with plasma binding factors promote fibrinogenesis. Other tissue interactions are the inhibition of collagenolytic activity of wound excretions, support of granulation and epithelization and promotion of soft tissue healing.

• The bilayer membrane presents an excellent collagen type I matrix for bone integration on the rough porous side, as well as for soft tissue adhesion and healing on the smooth membrane side.
• High degree of tissue compatibility with excellent wound healing characteristics
• Quickly adaptable to the defect due to it is hydrophilic property
• Reduced risk of dehiscence formation
• Can be attached with pins and suturing material
• Barrier function is sufficiently long and is completely bioresorbed within 6 months
• Bioabsorbable; therefore, a second operation for membrane removal is not necessary
• Well documented and proven by many years of clinical experience

Indication group: GTR/GBR.
GTR/GBR: Guided tissue regeneration (GTR) has become an essential therapeutic procedure today, not only for the treatment of periodontal bone defects but also for bone and peri-implant defects. It is also used in augmentation procedures prior to implant placement, which is sometimes termed Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR). The method of guided tissue regeneration (GTR), which began in the mid-1980s, became an important part of periodontal practice. Research results show that with the help of barrier membranes it is possible to prevent penetration of epithelial cells or fibroblasts into the bone defect and thus allow for gradual growth and reconstruction of the bone tissue. This procedure was applied in the cure of periodontal defects. The barrier helped the isolation of the defect with resulting reconstruction of cement, periodontal connection and the bone.

During wide use of dental implants it became obvious that the GTR conception is useful for the cure of bone defects in the vicinity of implant. In such cases, the membrane prevents penetration of fibroblasts into the bone defect and bone cells have the necessary time for regeneration, either spontaneous or with the help of an augmentic agent. With GTR, it is now possible to regenerate the bone tissue in such a way that optimal conditions are created for introduction of an implant.

Indications: Hypro-Sorb F membrane is used in dental surgery and implantology or for restitution of bone defects:
• Cystectomy
• Segmental growing of alveolar tissue
• Lifting of the sinus bottom
• Resection of upper root
• Filling of the alveolus after resections in protetic surgical practice
• Periimplantates
• Maxillofacial surgery

Shelf life: The expiry date is written on every single packing. The product is safe for 5 years.

Packaging sizes: Hypro-Sorb F bilayer membrane is available in the following sizes:
Cat. No.: Name Size Description
023 Hypro-Sorb F 15 x 20 mm bilayer barrier for GTR/GBR
024 Hypro-Sorb F 20 x 30 mm bilayer barrier for GTR/GBR
025 Hypro-Sorb F 30 x 40 mm bilayer barrier for GTR/GBR

Hypro-Sorb F is a medical device class III clinically tested and certified by the notified body No. 1023,
EC certificate No. 04 0648 QS/NB/a, EC type examination No. 04 0649 T/NB/a.
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