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Irali International Inc.

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Placa substitut osos Kasios pentru lifting de sinus

Sinus Up
Sinus Up
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Sinus Up

SINUS UP is used for sinus cavity partitioning when performing a sinus lift.

The thin strip of ß-TCP, measuring 40x25 mm, is 2 mm thick. It has a perforated center and a solid periphery which is very easy to cut and shape using a round diamond bur mounted on a handpiece or a contra-angle holder so that SINUS UP can be fitted exactly to each patient’s sinus cavity.

The perforated area facilitates exchange between the sinus membrane and subjacent filler material.

Sinus augmentation
| Augmentation can be achieved either by
placing material in direct contact with the
membrane or by creating a new cavity using
a sinus partitioning technique, which is
recommended for the creation of a stable site,
augmented with autologous bone harvested
from an extra- or intraoral site.

This new sinus space can now be safely
packed and densifi ed with a generous volume
of biomaterial and/or bone particles in
preparation for the anchoring of implants,
thus providing protection for the sinus membrane
which may have been partially damaged
by the lifting procedure. The new sinus
fl oor also effectively prevents the migration
of fi ller particles into the upper sinus.

The iliac bone is an abundant and adaptable
cortical and cancellous graft source. Cranial
grafts are essentially cortical.
Available oral bone volume (chin and ramus)
is frequently insuffi cient to partition the
space adequately and obviously even more
inadequate for two sinuses.

The drawbacks of the procedure include
the high cost of surgery, complications connected
to graft harvesting and sinus infl ammatory
| Furthermore, without the partition, when
the membrane is damaged, fi ller material can
migrate to the upper sinus.

Using a thin strip of ß-TCP to partition the cavity eliminates all the above drawbacks while
retaining all the advantages of the technique.
| ß-TCP is 100% synthetic which eliminates any risk of cross-contamination.
It belongs to the calcium phosphate family. The ß-TCP molecule —Ca3 (POH4)2— is made
up of 3 calcium atoms and 2 phosphate molecules. TCP in its beta form is currently used for
orthopedic maxillofacial surgery. In contact with bone it is rapidly osseointegrated by direct
bone apposition to the material.
ß-TCP therefore is a logical choice for pre-implantation sinus surgery.
| The perforated ß-TCP thin strip presentation (SINUS UP, by Kasios) solves the problem
of complications following extra- or intraoral graft harvesting.
| SINUS UP strips are rectangular, measuring 40 mm x 25 mm, and 2 mm thick. The edges
of SINUS UP are solid but the central area is perforated. It is supplied in sterile packaging and
can be sculpted to the exact dimensions of the sinus cavity
Surgical procedure
| Precise sinus CT scan data is used to trace the exact perimeter of the new fl oor.
Since SINUS UP has a solid periphery it can be cut and fi tted to the exact shape of the sinus
walls with the aid of a suitable ancillary for gentle grinding. The perforations in the centre
area of the strip facilitate ionic and cellular fl ows between subjacent neo-formed bone and
the sinus membrane.
| SINUS UP is inserted horizontally at the appropriate sinus height, generally 15 mm from
the sinus fl oor which is a suitable position for secondary implant placement.
The mortise technique with lateral notches in the labial wall stabilizes the SINUS UP so that
it forms a new floor.

The osteocompatible nature of ß-TCP, the material from
which SINUS UP is made, allows it to be entirely integrated
in the buccal wall without provoking any infl ammatory
reaction in the elevated sinus membrane.
The space is packed with high-porosity (HP) ß-TCP granules.
Depending on the height of residual bone, implants are
placed immediately or delayed for a few months.
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