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Irali International Inc.

Best fit for implantology

Substitut Osos de mare porozitate implantologie dentara

Kasios High porosity 1gram
Kasios High porosity 1gram
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Detalii produs

Kasios TCP Dental HP is a exceptionally high porosity (90%) and total interconnection.

Successive Phases:

1-Invasion of TCP by slack conjunctive tissue after resorption of the post-surgery hematoma.
2-Osteoblast differentiation from the fibroblast-like cells of the conjuctive tissue.
3-Osteoid matrix synthesis on the surface of the ceramic.
4-Modeling of newly formed bone tissue or creeping substitution.

Thanks to this porosity and its chemical composition (beta-TCP), when implanted in bone, Kasios TCP Dental HP is replaced in 6-7 months by neoformed bone tissue.

Results with the TCP HP are completely different than usual TCP. In fact the TCP HP allows a very well absorbed: after about 7 months when drill to screw the implant there is no remaining particles as in the case with regular TCP.
It is very important to try this revolutionary product, that you will have is a unique product that the competitors do not carry.

Kasios TCP Dental HP is packaged in boxes of 5 double cups, individually sterile.

3 available grain sizes:

- 150-500; 500-1000; 1000-2000.

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Numele companiei: Irali International Inc.
Persoana de contact: Stefanik Calin
Adresa: Str. Concordiei, Nr. 4, Corp B, Ap.,1 Bucuresti; Str. Avram Iancu, Nr. 48, Brasov
Localitate: Bucuresti / Brasov
Judet: Bucuresti
Telefon: 0722497009
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