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Irali International Inc.

Best fit for implantology

Aspirator chirurgical Vacuson Nouvag

Vacuson 40 U
Vacuson 40 U
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Aspirator chirurgical disponibil din stoc.

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Vacuson 40 U is a universal, portable suction system specially designed for the suction of fluids and secretions
This system stands out for its easy handling and low maintenance requirements and has a wide range of applications.


The pump’s power can be regulated from a continuous monitoring by pressure gauge with a scale in the bar and mmHg
5m cable
One time use bacterial filter
Capacity of 2 litre bottle, with automatic cut when full
Low maintenance
Highly reliable and easy to use
Low noise level
Practically vibration-free
Suction rate of up to 40 ltr/min at 0.9 bars adjustable
Input voltage: 115/230 Volts at 50-60 Hz
Energy consumption: 185 W
Suction performance: Up to 40 l / min
Max. vacuuming: - 0.9 Bar / 686 mmHg
Dimensions, control unit (W x D x H): 360 x 290 x 280
Manufacturer: NOUVAG
Manufacturers Reference: 48-4227


1 suction system
10 single-use bactericidal filters
5m cable
1 x suction tube and connection set

Aspiratie chirurgicala pentru Chirurgie BMF in cabinet stomatologic .

Alte utilizari: Endoscopie, Tratamente cu vid, Obstretica, ORL, Sala de operatii, cabinet medical.

Silentioasa si cu vibratii reduse!

Mecanism automat de protectie la preaplin, capacul are mecanism automat de preaplin la pompele 40U.

Functioneaza fara ulei(pistoane fara ulei)

Raport excelent pret -performanta

Producator Nouvag GMBH Schulthaisstrasse 15 D-78462 Konstanz Germania

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Numele companiei: Irali International Inc.
Persoana de contact: Stefanik Calin
Adresa: Str. Concordiei, Nr. 4, Corp B, Ap.,1 Bucuresti; Str. Avram Iancu, Nr. 48, Brasov
Localitate: Bucuresti / Brasov
Judet: Bucuresti
Telefon: 0722497009
Telefon mobil:

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