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Irali International Inc.

Best fit for implantology

Radiologie dentara Ergon-X H

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Detalii produs

Disponibil la comanda.
Se recomanda utilizarea filmelor autodevelopante pentru retroalveolar, senzori digitali CCD nu sunt disponibili.

Disponibil la comanda. Termen livrare cca7zile.
Caracteristici Ergon-X HF :
Dimensiune focar (Pata focala) : diametrul 0,5 mm (IEC 336)
Generator cu invertor de inalta frecventa:        60kHz
Tensiunea anodica poate fi aleasa si modificata la valorile de : 60-65-70 kV                
Curentul anodic : 7 mA        
Filtrare totalã : 2 mm Al eq @ 70 kV
Timpul de pre-încãlzire al tubului: 240 ms
Timpi de expunere: între 0,01    si 2,0 sec in trepte de 10ms
Distanþa focar-piele: 20 cm        
Colimator : - circular, cu 6 cm diametru
(optional rectangular 35x45 mm)
Radiaþii de fugã la 1 m : sub 0,25 mGy/h Tipul tubului : CEI - Italia
Material anod : Tungsten
Unghi anod : 19 grd.
Filtrare inerentã : 0,5 mm aluminium echivalent

This small, top-notch system does not only represent perfection and utmost innovation, but is also endowed with a lot of exclusive technical contents which make of ERGON X a self-evidently excellent and most advanced device.
The setting of the anatomic parameters and the selection of the kV 60, 65 and 70 guarantee a perfect quality of the image for every kind of patient and anatomy.
Luminous cupola
the design of the product is characterized by a luminous cupola which informs the operator about the operative conditions of the system
An efficient, anatomic and intuitive goniometer permits a precise positioning of the system, thus optimizing the results.
Remote radio control
-the remote radio control enables the operator to carry out the X-rays at a distance with maximum protection and safety.


> Avant-garde technology
Ergon-X HF utilizes HF technology, the most advanced form of art in this field, which guarantees high quality images and a high reduction in the dose administered to patients. Thanks to the HF technology and the control of radiologic parameters by means of microprocessor, Ergon-X HF optimizes the systems of digital acquisitions perfectly.

Ergon-X HF is a complete system for intraoral radiography which enhances the aspects regarding the ergonomics and security in protecting the patient and the operator.

> Ergonomics and design
Ergon-X HF has been created using a modern and ergonomical design with an appeating line which encourages a friendly approach from both the operator using the equipment and the visual impact on the patient. The design permits maximum hygiene and ensures an easy and secure cleaning of all of its components.

The high technological standard permits a complete active and passive control of the system and of all the electronic circuits. The safety of the system is maximum and guaranteed.


Operator interface is realised with a flat keyboard on which command keys and signalising leds
are located. Appropriate symbols offer an intuitive approach. The keyboard is flat and waterproof
to assure perfect cleaning and disinfection.

Manual and anatomic mode with radiological parameters settings relating to: patient size, receptor
(film type, digital sensor), anatomic part, kV, exposure time.

Collimator and positioning cone integrated into tube head for a perfect X ray beam collimator and focus-skin distance.

> Integrated connection for external light signal.

> Extension arm with standard length 30 cm (60 and 80 cm optional).

> Double arm support with adjustable balance.

> Wall support, on floor fixed stand or on wheels mobile stand.

> In conformity with CE 93/42 standards.

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Numele companiei: Irali International Inc.
Persoana de contact: Stefanik Calin
Adresa: Str. Concordiei, Nr. 4, Corp B, Ap.,1 Bucuresti; Str. Avram Iancu, Nr. 48, Brasov
Localitate: Bucuresti / Brasov
Judet: Bucuresti
Telefon: 0722497009
Telefon mobil:

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