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Beijing Hongtai Development


Masina cu laser pentru eliminat tatuaje, pigment removal

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Detalii produs

Laser tattoo removal machine for pigment removal
What it can do /curing range:
A. Tattoo removal : remove variety of color tattoos including dark color and colorful tattoos & pigment on our face and whole body.
1. vegetal pigment can be clear 80% first treatment and the second can remove completely
2. chemical tattoos can be wipe out 60% firstly and second will be ok and come to natural condition.
B. Spot removal: remove the nevus of ota,age pigment and so on.
C. Pore size change : with carbon powder ,the machine can take-up the pore and dispel the comedones to whiten our skin especially T9 popular in Taiwan area.
Features of  Laser Tatto removal machine:
A.No damage hair-follicle,no scars left after afterwards.
B.To avoid to damage the normal skin during treatment- time.
C.Short treatment and recovery so that it hardly influence on daily life.
D.Easy to operate without general anesthesia and high satety with Q switch by feet or fingers.
E.With specific wavelength of light,the plasmalite can get rid of postinflammatory lesion.

Date de contact

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Numele companiei: Beijing Hongtai Development
Persoana de contact: Eva Zhang Sales
Adresa: Beijing,China
Localitate: China
Judet: Covasna
Telefon: 0086-010-83671970
Fax: 0086-010-83209266

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