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Nevada Distribution Srl

Preturi minime elf, texaco
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Ulei Texaco Geartex EPC 80W90 - 20L

20 Litri
20 Litri
Out of stock
0244 / 513 999
385 lei

Detalii produs

Geartex EP-C is designed for use in automotive hypoid drive axles, steering systems, non-synchronized transmissions and transaxles which require a fluid with API GL-5 performance.

The friction characteristics of Geartex EP-C make it unsuitable for use in synchronized manual transmissions and transaxles, and it should not be used in these applications unless a GL-5 fluid is specifically recommended
Operating temperatures of above +100 C will lead to a significant reduction in the fluid service life. Peak operating temperatures should not exceed +120 C.

Note that Daimler axle oil specifications include a minimum viscosity requirement that is not met by Geartex EP-C 80W-90. Although Geartex EP-C 80W-90 is suitable for use in MB 235.0 applications, use Geartex EP-B 85W-90 if an approved product is required.

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Numele companiei: Nevada Distribution Srl
Persoana de contact: Hagiescu Sorin
Adresa: Str. Carpenului, Nr. 81A
Localitate: Ploiesti
Judet: Prahova
Telefon: 0244 / 513 999
Telefon mobil: 0726 990 588
Fax: 0244 / 513 999

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