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Today Vinzer offers vast masses of purchasers the wide range of high-quality cookware and kitchen utensils made of stainless steel (high quality stainless steel Ferrinox 18/10 – a unique alloy developed and patented by the specialists of the company): tea-pots, frying pans, pans, knives and complete sets. Ecologically clean food steel, 80% keeping of health-giving matters of food, 30% saving of gas or electricity, considerable saving of time and space in the kitchen – this is by far not a full list of advantages for which one would benefit from buying Vinzer.

TM Vinzer constantly widens its assortment.
Produse si servicii:
vase inox, vase bucatarie, ole, cutite, cadouri
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Europa Centrala/Est
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Numele companiei: Vinzer
Persoana de contact: Nutsu Dan
Adresa: Kiev
Localitate: 7a, Keramichny Lane
Judet: -
Telefon: +380674646250
Telefon mobil: +380674646250
Fax: +38 044 490-34-65