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Apartments Around The World
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Dailyflats Apartments and Hotels around the world, is specialist in vacational and temporal accommodation.
We offer you a wide range of apartments and hotels that has been previously selected, taking care of tiny details so that you can enjoy your stay in the best apartment.

Located in the main tourism destinations, these wonderful apartments are totally equipped situated in privileged sites of the city you want to stay.

The biggest and large selection of hotels worldwide
Apartments in Barcelona, madrid, rome, paris, berlin, the main european, american and asian destinations.
We arrange the apartment and you choose the destination.
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Numele companiei: Dailyflats
Persoana de contact: Apartments Barcelona Dailyflats
Adresa: Marina 366
Localitate: Barcelona
Judet: -
Telefon: +34934355577
Telefon mobil: +34656757937
Fax: +34934335470