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Shenzhenyitongshun Electronic Co.,ltd


Detector de gaz cu electrovalva

14 lei

Detalii produs

Domestic Gas leakage Detector VDO-2008
Can detect: LPG Natural gas City coal gas CO
1Product features and Technical parameter:
(1). Size: 110.4mm*73mm *41mm
(2). Weight: 221.0g(net weight)
(3). Static: 12V Consumption <1.3W
Alarm <1.5W
Static: 220VAC
Comsumption< 2.5W
(4) Voltage choose: 220VAC/110VAC; 9VDC-24VDC
(5) Alarm density: LPG 0.1~0.5%
Natural gas:0.1~1%
City coal gas: 0.1~0.5% CO:0.1~0.4%
Working temperature: humidity ≤90%RH
Temperature -10 C +50 C
(6) Buzzer volume >7 0dB/m
Gas Leakage Alarm Safety Valve

The BT-100F domestic gas leakage alarm safety valve is a new product developed by our company that special matching with the prepaid intelligent gas meter; it works with the high reliability flammable gas alarm, can control the on and off of the gas path in time and ensure the safety of people. The safety valve is reliability in structure, suitable for using with the gas alarm; the product is reliability in function with Superior airtight performance and can meet the customer’s requirement completely.
Technical parameter:
Working environment: Environment temperature: -10~45℃; the elevation under 1000m; the relative humidity of the around environment should not higher than 95% [The environment temperature is 25℃], with no other heat and direct radiation, the entrance pressure below1.6Mpa

Accept responding time: ≤2s
Working frequency: 315MHz kHz
Shell combustion prevention: Difficult to burn or do not burn
Structure: Droplets difficult to infiltrate
Coil temperature increase <45℃
Airtight performance: The internal leakage/external leakage <0.03L/h
Mechanical durability: After repeated use 30000 times, leakage ≤ 0.3L/h

Torque strength: with no deformation and cracks damaged, the Shell and sealing performance is qualified
Pipe thread surface roughness: Surface roughness Ra≤6.3um

Date de contact

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Numele companiei: Shenzhenyitongshun Electronic Co.,ltd
Persoana de contact: Li Candy
Adresa: Dakan,XiliTown
Localitate: Nanshandistrict
Judet: -
Telefon: 86-755-86020064
Fax: 86-755-26994032

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