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Brantax Srl

0214560017, 0747406179

Aplicatii GIS for integration of the graphical/text info

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Brantax - underwater, underground and surface investigation

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GIS application facilitates the integration of the graphical and text information into a geo-spatial database which becomes a very powerful instrument for the management of the various information involved in a broad project.

GIS application offer to the user the possibility of analyzing and simulating various situations which depend on multifactors (climatic, geologic, altimetric, hydrologic, etc).

For the complex projects which involve different working and collecting centers, a great solution is choosing the GIS administrating solution through internet.

Very easy to implement and to use, the solution allows to login both as administrator or simple user.

-Complex queries
-Interactive maps
-Vectorial administration
-Import-export data
-Reports saving
-Users list
-Map format select
-Custom design
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Numele companiei: Brantax Srl
Persoana de contact: Tanasie Alexandru
Adresa: Calea Rahovei, Nr. 266-269, Et. 6, Birou 43-1
Localitate: Bucuresti
Judet: Bucuresti
Telefon: 0214560017
Telefon mobil: 0747406179
Fax: 0214233007

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