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Masuratori batimetrice - Bathymetrical mesurements

Bathymetrical investigations
Bathymetrical investigations
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The bathymetry can be taken for the aquatic equivalent of altimetry.

Being a branch of hydrometrics, the bathymetry is dealing with the measurements of the sea depth, lakes and river depth, allowing us to draw maps of their aquatic relief.

Descending the depth measurements technique with the help of the sonar and the exact position given by the GPS technology, we can draft for you depth maps or base relief structure maps for lakes or rivers, and also bathymetric profiles on the interest zones.

This type of measurements has a large applicability in various fields and can contribute to a good acknowledgement of the geo-morphological conditions:

-Tracking down the cloging of rivers and lakes
-Tracking down the excavation from the ballast-holes
-Exploration of the mineral aggregates from the river
-Drawing the maps for flooding risks
-Bathymetric sections and maps
-Hydrological studies.
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