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Geofizica inginereasca - Geophysics engineering

Geophysics engineering
Geophysics engineering
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Because there is a real acknowledged need of the geo-topographical local structure in the context of the growing expansion and development in the construction field. The services presented in the current brief were conceived to sustain the companies which are activating in the construction field developing engineering projects for transport infrastructure, civil and industrial constructions, and exploitations in gravel pits or in ballast pits.

The engineering geophysics - discloses the hidden characteristics of the land: the determination of the local geological and hydrological structure, identifying the underground cavities, tracking down the buried pipes and electrical cables, infiltrations of the barrages and earth dikes, research on the pollution with an-organic products, tracking out hidden buildings, etc.

The engineering topography - builds the complete image of the field surface and contributes to the good evolution of an engineering project: situation detailed plans, volumetric measurements in exploitations, measurements and plotters in construction field, bathymetrical measurements on rivers or lakes, vectorial maps or plans, 3D simulations, etc.

From the results obtained in our previous experience for several engineering projects we confirm the fact that a good acknowledgement of the local geo-topographical conditions can register a deduction of the losses in the execution of the works and also can conduct to a long term deduction of the maintenance costs.
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