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We specialize in supply glass fittings for frameless glass systems and handrail systems. We also design, install glass curtain wall project in China. So we supply good technical support and after service to our customer.

We have many designs of products, Our products include two kinds following:

1. Structural Glass Systems: Spider Fitting (from 100 to 300 mm size), Fin Spider (200,220,250 mm size), Tension System;
2. Handrail System: Handrail Fitting, Glass Clamp.
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structural glass systems: spider fitting (from 100 to 300 mm size), fin spider (200,220,250 mm size), tension system, handrail system: handrail fitting, glass clamp
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Numele companiei: Albang
Persoana de contact: +86-512-65491023 +86-512-60760237
Adresa: China
Localitate: C-06,zhongxiang Decoration Center
Judet: Constanta
Telefon: +86-512-60760237